In Memory of Spooky T.


October 1991 - November 2010

A video look back at some Kodak moments (.wmv)

Lover of life, lizards, birds and small edible spiders, bugs and moths

Spooky epitomized what people mean when they say
'it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for'.

Spooky was given to me at two months old, and chosen because he was in the
back of a cage at the pound, and seemed mellow, quiet, and like he'd be easy to handle.

Well, after 19 years, I can honestly say.
Mellow, quiet and easy to handle
are not words that I would use to describe Spooky.

He was wild in his younger years, curious and adventurous throughout his life,
not afraid to go nose to nose with a bulldog, and at times he was even a bit vicious
when he thought he was in danger, or while protecting his space.

Spooky was a survivor through and through,
although running up a tree wasn't one of his brighter moves
when a crow bigger than him was chasing after him!
Crow. tree. helllllooooo Spooky, what were you thinking?!

Spooky was King of the front half of the Park 72 Condo Complex
for the first half of his life,
had a girlfriend he'd bring home for dinner once in a while,
and no doubt had his share of one-night-stands along the way there.

He also had his share of scrapes and stitches,
and a broken leg from a stupid stunt when he was about 15.

After turning 18, his body was showing signs of a long-lived life - hyperthyroidism
kicked in and was speeding up the process, the kidneys were wearing thin,
and a tumor on the hind leg put a strain on his normally nimble status.

But you'd never know these things if you looked into his eyes,
which were still just as big and curious as ever,
and always watching for something, anything, to move so he could chase after it.

I thought to myself, this cat Spooky,
who was in the pound and probably destined for death already
at only 2 months old.
Ended up with 19 wonderful years
as a friend,
a bird-watcher,
a hunter of all things that moved,
and I can't remember a day when he didn't want
some time in the sun,
a strategic peek at some birds on the patio,
a breeze through the window,
or just to sit by the screen door on a rainy day
and smell the air.

19 wonderful years that he almost didn't get.
He was a life-loving friend that lived his life to the fullest.

Rest in Peace Spooky T.