Resume for Gregory Thomson

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District

Web Administrator/Sr. Operator
Primary business: K-12 school district

      SAN Administration - HP Lefthand P4000, HP MSA P2000 & Dell Equallogic PS6010e
      Management of ESXi and Hyper-V hosts running 80+ virtual servers
      Web site Administration/development
      Web application development using Visual Studio
      System Adminnistration on HP 3000, DEC/VAX 4400 cluster, Windows servers from NT to 2012
      SQL Server management and administration
      Aeries Student Information Systems management
Tierra Software Development
  Sole Proprietor Business Owner
Software and web-based development resulting in the EdWeb application.
Version 2, dubbed the EdWeb ECHo Portal, was released in 2007.
Primary technologies used: Visual Studio 2005/SQL/ASP.NET/CSS, and soon to be ported to PostgreSQL as the data store
Web site: www.tierrasoftware.com
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

Weekend/Night Shift Technical Support
Primary business: Hospital
Worked from 7pm-7am on weekends to cover night shift technical support requests from nurses and staff. VAX/Alpha environment. Also ran nightly production and worked with hardware/software vendors to resolve problems with the main systems. Acted as liason at times between medical staff and vendor support for technical problems with medical devices.
Mid-sized environment with sometimes emergency/time-critical support needs.
Weekend night shift was a single-person shift. 

Academic Financial Services
  Lead Operator - Night shift
Primary business: Student loan servicing
VAX/VMS 6600/7600 Cluster environment, Stratus/VOS also used. Various levels of work with Filenet Optical Imaging and TIOS (Totally Integrated Optical System).
Large scale, 24/7 production environment
Was promoted form Senior Operator, to Lead Operator within 9 months.

Jr. Programmer/Analyst
Primary business: Manufacturing - High pressure, large scale, valves
DEC PDP 44/84 environment. Programming language used was Basic+2. Primary application: MAXCIM
Report writer: FIS
Maintain existing Business/Financial applications and perform new development to enable additional capabilities.
Some responsibilities with printing and performing backups.
Small-scale environment which included my boss and myself as the Technology staff.
Was promoted from 'Jr. Programmer/Analyst Trainee' to 'Jr. Programmer/Analyst' within 3 months.

Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

Tape Librarian
Primary business: Payroll processing
My first job out of college. Manage a library of 10,000+ reel-to-reel tapes so that they could easily be retrieved when needed. Keypunch to card, JCL, printing and pulling/scratching tapes were the norm for the day, along with pleading with managers to 'let me have more tapes'. Environment was big-iron IBM style (4341 and 4381).
Large-scale, 24/7 production environment
Was offered a promotion to Operator a week before the offer from my next job as Jr. Programmer/Analyst at Dressar/Masoneilan.

Chili's Restaurant
Primary Business: Family-oriented, casual, fun restaurant
Started as busboy/dishwasher, began to work as bar-back (Bartender backup) after one year, and was promoted to bartender the following year when one called in sick. It worked, but I'm not sure why. Did some in-between work as waiter, host, painter, and general handyman also when needed. Stayed part-time on weekends as bartender while also working in the technology field. Learned to work with a very diverse set of people, personalities and temperaments, and in a sense, I learned how to just 'go with the flow' at times..., a skill that has become invaluable in day-to-day activities.
Garcias Mexican Restraurant
Fred's Exxon
1979 to 02/15/84

Gas station attendent in the days when full serve was still the norm, worked through one of the gas crisis times when odd/even was checked, and gas lines for blocks were the norm.
Oh how upset people would get when they were out of gas, and on the wrong day.
Minor mechanical work, and fixing of flats, etc...


Bachelor of Science Degree
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
June, 1987
Emphasis: Computer Information Systems
Followup Education
  Intro to Novell Networks (Coastline Community College)
  PC Maintenance/Repair (Fullerton JC)
  Windows NT and 2000 Server Administration (LTU, New Horizons, and various other)
  DEC/VAX/DCL (Digital)
  T-SQL Programming (UCR Extension)
  Photoshop (National Seminars)
  SQL Server 2000 & 2005 (New Horizons and self taught)
  Object Oriented Analysis and UML 2.0 (UCLA Extension)
  Self taught: Visual Basic, web-based programming, ASP/ASP.NET and SQL development, CSS, IIS, networking concepts and protocols, firewalls, DNS, Web Services, Visual Studio 2005/2010, SAN Administration, Virtualization Administration
  Linux - the basics (UCI Extension)

Online References
www.tierrasoftware.com www.pylusd.org Link to an overview of the technologies I've worked with