Kayaking in Huntington Harbor - 2003

Everybody tells me I need to get out more, so I'm trying... And, I just got my new little camera, a Sony waterproof model, so we went to test it out a bit while kayaking in the back bay around Huntington Harbour. I have to show proof that I'm getting out, or nobody will believe me! Below are some pics... The camera worked okay, although not having any kind of zoom made it hard to get very good far-away pictures. I forgot to try the 15-second video thing.

This is me, just getting warmed up a bit... :-)

The rest of the bunch getting suited up - Marco, Marco Jr., Jean, and Michael

Marco and Michael, ready to go. Okay... so I lied on that first photo - it wasn't me.

M & M again, just about ready to T-bone me in the side

Jean and Marco Jr, ready to take off

And off we go...

I need to remember to check for water spots once in a while! But, I like the photo anyway...

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge Jr (Huntington Harbour style :)

Found a nice little pit stop for some much needed water

Marco Jr. giving his 'I'm cool because I kayak' look. Unfortunately, no little cuties there to see him - only me.

There's my boat! You probably can't see me in it behind the tinted glass?

Snapped some shots of a few houses that were interesting - the long distance shot doesn't do them much justice, though

Another interesting house shot

And another

Very Italian, but can't tell very well from the photo

Spanish-style on this one...

One last house shot

This house had been taken over by 3 pirates. They tried to lure M & M with promises of treasure

Can't see'em well, but I had to snap a shop of the Coast Guard passing by. They come in very handy when windsurfing, and your sail breaks!

The photos wouldn't be complete without a shot of a flock of seagulls swooping by. You can't see them in the photo, but I know they were there. I was a little slow to grab the camera, though :-)

And, last but not least, here's me! Or at least my toes.

The place we went to was convenient, cheap and safe...
Huntington Harbour - 1/2 mile north of the Pacific Coast Highway and Warner intersection, on the right hand side.
$8 for a single seater, $12 for a dual.
They gave us 3 hours for the price of 1.